Color Analysis: Choosing Your Yoga Wardrobe Wisely

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Chances are that you have already spent a lot of your precious lifetime in front of a mirror trying on countless tanks, tees, sweatshirts, or whatever it is that you need to complete your yoga wardrobe with, while noticing how some of the things you try on seem to fit and look a lot better as you pick up different colors. Well, before you go out and debate on which color to choose over which one for that pair of new top and leggings, we here have a few tips on how to figure out what are the colors that will best suit and flatter you.

A color analysis is all about figuring out and learning what colors match you better by taking into account the complexion of your skin as well as your hair and eye colors. Thanks to Carol Jackson’s book Color Me Beautiful this study was simplified by reducing the pairing of these physical characteristics with the seasonal colors belonging to spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Here are the steps that you can take for finally getting to know which are the colors that will help radiate your beauty while on that yoga mat or out there on the streets:

Are you cool or warm?

This is not about whether you are a more preserved or friendly person, but rather about determining the undertone of that defines your looks beyond the apparent tone of your skin. To figure this out more easily simply get two pieces of the same fabric, a golden one and a silver one; then place them one at a time next to the inner side of your arm or wrists or any other part of your body that is rarely exposed to the sun. The fabric that best blends with your skin color will indicate your temperature type: gold will indicate warm whereas silver will indicate cool. If your result was warm, this will mean that you will either belong to a spring or autumn palette and if it was cool, you will be a summer or winter type.

Are you light or dark?

Now take a look at your hair and eyes; are they light or dark? If the pigment of your hair and eyes is dark with a cool undertone you will belong to the winter color palette; if, on the other hand, your hair and eyes pigment is light with a cool undertone you will be a summer type. Dark eyes and hair along with a warm undertone will indicate an autumn type whereas light ayes and hair in conjunction with a warm undertone will mean that you belong to a spring palette.

If you realize that there is a mix of dark and light in some cases, just go with what the dominant one is and always go with your natural colors rather than tans, hair dyes or contact lenses.

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Boost Your Metabolism With This Ancient Super Food

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What will be the next chia seed? Goji berry? Kale? Wild Salmon? Spirulina? A truly new food is never branded a superfood. The next big superfood will be, as always, a rediscovered, rebranded, but historically healthy food that, with the help of new positioning, appears as if it has just been discovered in the depths of the rainforest. It will appear out of nowhere. A few influencers will rave about it. Then, in a matter of months, you will be drinking tea infused with it at Starbucks.

All this isn’t to undermine the super-ness of the superfood. Far from it! The superfood needs super positioning because, let’s face it, a lot of times these superfoods are not so super to eat. We still want to eat cleaner, or to appear as if we’re eating cleaner, though. What if we could get in on the next superfood action ahead of the curve? What is there, beyond the kale, goji, and chia? Is there anything we can make our own?

Behold the tiger nut, a health food rebrand you can own. Be the first in your circle to sample, adopt, and evangelize the tiger nut. If you act now, you can ride the tiger nut curve, perhaps buy wholesale bags of tiger nuts to mark up and resell on ebay or Amazon.

Does the tiger nut have what it takes? While it’s tough to guess if a food can make it as a super, a name like tiger suggests hype at the very least. Plus, there are so many reasons to consider the humble tiger nut…

Tiger nuts are definitely not parts poached from baby tigers. Don’t let the name scare you away. The tiger nut is not a nut, and not in anyway related to tigers. It is not part of an animal or meat, but is rather a root vegetable indigenous to parts of Africa and the Mediterranean region. People in these parts of the world have eaten tiger nuts for centuries and the root is in plentiful supply.

A tiger nut two-fer: gluten-free tiger nut flour. Throw a few cups of tiger nuts into a grinder, and now you’ve got the base of gluten and grain free bread. Tiger nut flour is vegan, Paleo-friendly and safe for people with nut allergies because – again – not really a nut, only named after a nut (along with an apex predator, the largest wild cat species on earth).

High in fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. Like all superfoods, tiger nuts have serious nutrition cred. Their array of crucial nutrients support the digestive system, help you feel full and support weight loss.

Tigernut ¡Horchata! Depending on where you’re from, you may or may not know the joys of the delicious cinnamon-vanilla flavored Mexican/Latin American rice beverage known as horchata. Variations of horchata use almond milk as a base in lieu of rice, but it seems the original recipe of horchata may have included the tiger nut. Horchata is a sweetened, milk-like beverage that goes particularly well with spicy food.

I present to you only a handful of the merits of the tiger nut. Next stop, Dr. Oz.

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Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Skin Glowing

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My neighbor is a hippie mamma. She bursts out wisdom tricks all the time, but what intrigues me most about her is that she never preaches them, she lives them. That is good marketing. And the best thing? She doesn’t even know she’s doing it.

Leeane is well into her fifties, but her skin is not. We often walk our dogs together and end up having lengthened conversations about life. And she’s definitely one who lives her life fully. I could even say that she plays a role model figure in my life. I find her beautiful and I would even tell her that. Over time she has shared with me some advice that helped me improve my well being. Please stop, breathe and enjoy some of the advice that was bestowed upon me by my discerning next-door-neighbor. 

Before you do anything, you need to embrace that the push to do something good for ourselves needs to come from within. The good thing is that for the following you don’t need much or anything but a little nice thought. Plus the time to do it is always now. The all-consuming instantaneous society that surrounds our lives calls for counter poses. And righteously so, as we try to find balance in our poses (and in life), we have to fight through imbalance. Our skin is a reflection of how we feel and it manifests all the good and the bad from our lives. With this in mind, here are my tips on how I strive to keep centered.

1. Mindfully move around just to make your blood circulate.

It could be a split second of doing it (the mindful part – practice makes perfect) just to ground yourself, reconnect with self, and proceed with fresh inspiration. 

2. Turn yourself upside down.

Fresh blood to your brain works wonders and not only makes you feel happier, it also makes you more alert and more receptive for new ideas. Maybe you need to solve a problem and you need to change the perspective on the problem. When I hit the wall or strike a writing block, I like to practice what I call 5 minutes to myself (sometimes I take more, but I feel no time is wasted if it’s invested in yourself). Yoga offers many different inversion poses from where you can take inspiration. Plus getting creative with the poses can spark inspiration in itself. Inversion therapy is also known to alleviate ailing back pain.

3. Drink plenty of water.

Especially following up the previous tip of hanging out upside down. You need to stabilize the system, as well as you need to flush out the toxins that your body released during the workout phase. Our bodies consist of mainly fluid, the fresher it is, the better it will make you feel.

4. Find natural elements that will infuse the spring back to your skin.

For my dry skin, cacao butter works well. I know lots of my friends use coconut oil. In cases of emergency I would go for olive oil. I figured that the oils which form on your skin need to be replenished and not just stripped away. Most of the time I even prefer looking a little pale and tired (if that is the state I currently operate at), rather than applying products that I know don’t serve my skin well in the long run.

5. Be grateful of what you have. 

Could be as small as truly enjoying your coffee or reaching your fingertips to the ground in a sun salutation for the first time. Be proud that you are. Your skin will proudly show it off too.

6. Surround yourself with nice people that genuinely make you feel good. 

Like my hippie mamma neighbor, she’s definitely in my cool gang posse.

7. And be kind to others. 

It rubs off in all the right ways.

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Yoga Pants Meet Shapewear – Introducing High Waisted Yoga Pants

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Yoga Pants Meet Shapewear – Introducing High Waisted Yoga Pants

Girls adore the yoga style for several reasons %u2013 the flexibility, for all the wonderful colours and designs and versatility you can wear. But not only that, the new look of self confidence they bring to many women is astonishing yet interesting. For women which are moms it could make them feels just like a whole new person- they can literally shed off 10lbs. without the hassle of finding the time to hit the health club. You can see shapewear can be appealing to many although it’s not that I’m saying working out isn’t wanted. Many important retailer brands including have developed some that are only into dress and their line of shapewear.

Benefits of yoga shapewear

There isn’t any actual rationale concerning why fitness shapewear continues, we all like to look good, feel good and why not look even better. Feeling better about ourselves can motivate us to hit the gym more frequently. But athletic wear may not always be as forgiving as. 90 Degree by Reflex creates yoga pants that are a combination of traditional yoga pants and shapewear. In the other hand shapewear is entirely furnished with favorable seams and designs and hidden abdomen commanding layers that create an illusion. These type of wear works far much better than any regular workout clothes. Shapewear is, in addition, linked to compression tools (obviously so) with some improvements in performance in muscle development after having a couple of hours from working out.

The predicament with shapewear is that it might work to cover up some of this additional depth that you want hidden. But the extra skin must go somewhere and that does not in almost any way shape or form give the wonderful look and confidence to eventually possess the guts to reach the fitness center to you. That covers and keeps hidden are minor imperfections is a big boost to our self esteem- the focus needs to be on what it is possible to wear and just how you’re going to exercise it. Here are some picks that have proven to give that reducing view, when you go shopping for this boost shapewear that may offer you that fantastic look.

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Weight Loss Yoga

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