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Using Crystals To Manifest Confidence And Courage

Using crystals is a great way to call in energy that you want. There are many ways you could use these cryst

Heart Centered Mindfulness – Faith

Here are some meditation steps to cultivate faith (Śraddhā in Sanskrit) as the perfect cure.

This meditation is from my favorite yogi Kino Macgregor. It describes the heart as a garden and how to plant seeds of faith and worthiness so t

What Is Yoga Drishti And How To Do It?

Yoga Drishti is a Sanskrit word that means view or sight. It is a directed focus or gaze performed during the practice of meditation or an asana (pose). This technique helps develop concentration and better focus on the world overall.&n

Color Analysis: Choosing Your Yoga Wardrobe Wisely

Chances are that you have already spent a lot of your precious lifetime in front of a mirror trying on countless tanks, tees, sweatshirts, or whatever it is that you need to complete your yoga wardrobe with, while noticing how some of t

Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Skin Glowing

My neighbor is a hippie mamma. She bursts out wisdom tricks all the time, but what intrigues me most about her is that she never preaches them, she lives them. That is good marketing. And the best thing? She doesn’t even know she’s doing it.