Color Analysis: Choosing Your Yoga Wardrobe Wisely

Chances are that you have already spent a lot of your precious lifetime in front of a mirror trying on countless tanks, tees, sweatshirts, or whatever it is that you need to complete your yoga wardrobe with, while noticing how some of the things you try on seem to fit and look a lot better as you pick up different colors. Well, before you go out and debate on which color to choose over which one for that pair of new top and leggings, we here have a few tips on how to figure out what are the colors that will best suit and flatter you.

A color analysis is all about figuring out and learning what colors match you better by taking into account the complexion of your skin as well as your hair and eye colors. Thanks to Carol Jackson’s book Color Me Beautiful this study was simplified by reducing the pairing of these physical characteristics with the seasonal colors belonging to spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Here are the steps that you can take for finally getting to know which are the colors that will help radiate your beauty while on that yoga mat or out there on the streets:

Are you cool or warm?

This is not about whether you are a more preserved or friendly person, but rather about determining the undertone of that defines your looks beyond the apparent tone of your skin. To figure this out more easily simply get two pieces of the same fabric, a golden one and a silver one; then place them one at a time next to the inner side of your arm or wrists or any other part of your body that is rarely exposed to the sun. The fabric that best blends with your skin color will indicate your temperature type: gold will indicate warm whereas silver will indicate cool. If your result was warm, this will mean that you will either belong to a spring or autumn palette and if it was cool, you will be a summer or winter type.

Are you light or dark?

Now take a look at your hair and eyes; are they light or dark? If the pigment of your hair and eyes is dark with a cool undertone you will belong to the winter color palette; if, on the other hand, your hair and eyes pigment is light with a cool undertone you will be a summer type. Dark eyes and hair along with a warm undertone will indicate an autumn type whereas light ayes and hair in conjunction with a warm undertone will mean that you belong to a spring palette.

If you realize that there is a mix of dark and light in some cases, just go with what the dominant one is and always go with your natural colors rather than tans, hair dyes or contact lenses.