Heart Centered Mindfulness – Faith

Here are some meditation steps to cultivate faith (Śraddhā in Sanskrit) as the perfect cure.

This meditation is from my favorite yogi Kino Macgregor. It describes the heart as a garden and how to plant seeds of faith and worthiness so that they will blossom and bring steadfast faith into your life.

Preparation: Grab your favorite healing items like inspiring crystals, mala beads,  etc. Carefully light your incense or put on some calm meditation flute track or nature soundtrack to set the mood and cue the mind to relax and turn. 

Come to a comfortable seated position and allow your eyes to close. You can sit on a  yoga mat, a meditation pillow, or on the couch. Bring your palms together at your heart and take a deep breath to settle into the moment. 

Chant out mantra “Om” As is an audible vibrating sound: “OOOOOOOOOOOmmmmmmm” This is a healing chant for the entire mind, body, and spirit. 

Step 1: The Breath Awareness

Now, slowly bring your hands to your knees. Start off with bringing your attention to the nostrils and along the upper lip. 

Bring your mind into the simple awareness, sensations, and qualities of the breath. Focus on every detail. Focus the mind in a pure state of awareness. Cultivate equanimity, allowing the breath to be exactly what it is neither good nor bad. Simply accept the breath for what it is. To help cultivate an inner experience drop your mind into the breath. 

Step 2: Count the Breath

Now, begin counting down from 10 like so:  “10 in, 10 . 9 i, 9 . 8 , 8 . 7 , 7 ct.”

This counting backward technique helps use the mind to drop into a more concentrated state. Count the breath anytime you need extra help to bring your attention into a calm inward focus.
The meditative mind is a concentrated very awake state. Redirecting the objects of the sense organs into the inner world. Instead of focusing on the world that’s outside, focus inside. 

Step 3: The Spiritual Heart

Pay attention to the spiritual heart located in the space behind the sternum. Feel with the inner body. See with inner sight. Hear with inner ears. Allow yourself to tune into the spiritual heart to the pathway to the true light of ultimate and final surrender. 

Ask yourself what you do, let go of to finally be ready to say yes to the spiritual heart and total surrender. 

Down in the garden of your heart, plant seeds of faith (Śraddhā in Sanskrit). Allow to have belief lant in your heart. 

1. Believe in yourself:

“I believe in me”
”I believe that I am worthy”

2.Repeat to yourself multiple times:

“I believe I am worthy”
You don’t need to do anything to be worthy. You simply are. All you need to do is believe in it. “I believe I am worthy” 

Step 4: Take Root

Now with confidence that you are worthy to let the seed of faith take root in your heart. Say to yourself:

“I have been created and destined to a purpose. I have a path that is uniquely mine”

In the garden of your heart feel a warm white light. This light burns and destroys anything holding you back from peace and happiness. Forgive the world around you and any mistakes you may have made. 

Step 5: Allow the light to shine out from your heart

Feel emanating light, peace, and love feels like as you sit there.
Take another big long breath. 

Step 6: Chant “Ooooommm”

Bring your hands together and finish the meditation with another “Om” Slowly open your eyes and enjoy the rest of your day with this heart-centered happiness growing in the garden of your heart and attracting goodness into your life!