Using Crystals To Manifest Confidence And Courage

Using crystals is a great way to call in energy that you want. There are many ways you could use these crystals to manifest. Simply place crystals in areas you frequent go, like the bathroom bedroom, or your car, great option. Arranging crystals on your altar is also a powerful place as using them during meditation is often a transformational way to call in whatever you are manifesting. If you are choosing to meditate with the intention of cultivating more courage and confidence, then you may want to hold onto these crystals with your hands. You may want to hold a crystal with your left hand if you are looking to call in and receive courage or enhanced self-confidence as this is your receptive (feminine) side. If you are looking to use your masculine energy, manifesting your confidence and courage through action, then perhaps you may benefit from holding the crystal in your right hand which is your giving (masculine) side. You may want to keep these crystals on you as well. You can wear them in jewelry, or you can have them in your bag or purse. If you are feeling like you are lacking confidence or courage to take charge of your life, then you may want to consider using some of these crystals mentioned below.

  • Aquamarine is believed to be a stone that provides courage and fortitude. It cultivates peace, calmness, and relaxation. It is a great tool to release anxiety and replace it with calm confidence. It is said to allow you to come into your best self by fostering a sense of self-responsibility.

  • Blue ace ate is said to provide courage, especially to those who may identify as shy. It creates space for creativity to manifest and allows for self-expression. It is great for you to manifest in your life by actively speaking your truth confidently. That is because it is said to open the throat chakra and allow for you to find your voice.
  • Many people often use bronzite for protection. It is said to clear confusion and decision making and assists the user to make better life choices. It can also help with cultivating the courage to keep those choices and boundaries in place in the face of difficulties. 
  • Hematite is a stone believed to ground and protect its users. It is said to give vitality and strength to those who are near it. Concentration and focus can be enhanced while boosting self-esteem and resilience. It is known to help us have better willpower and overall enhanced confidence.

  • Tiger eye is most known for its power in manifesting money. It is also said to bring confidence, clear thinking, courage, and good luck. It helps to transmute anxiety and fear into practicality and logic. 

Add any of these crystals to your practice to create your powerful manifesting capability. See which ones you are most drawn to and go from there! Meditation can be done simply by sitting in a comfortable seated position, wearing comfortable clothing – even pajama shorts or fleece leggings. The most important thing is you are comfortable. Set your intention of manifestation. Let go and breathe.